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Gust. by TzilaRaviv Gust. :icontzilaraviv:TzilaRaviv 6 2 Library. by TzilaRaviv Library. :icontzilaraviv:TzilaRaviv 11 4
The Specters (Introduction)
"Humans are... truly pitiful creatures,” Avery mused, his eyelids lazily drooping further downwards to the scenic Earth below.
Fortuna was smarter than to argue with her companion’s petulance, instead coming around the luxurious lounge at his side. Her fashionable heels tapped along with the traverse, and bemused at the intrusive sound, Avery’s fractured jadeite eyes slid over to regard her.
Fortuna shrugged as noncommittally as she dared, thoroughly aware of his narcissistic need for response. She continued to keep silent as she joined his side, placing a cool, steadying palm onto the shoulder of his lavishly white suit. Despite his seething arrogance that implied otherwise, Fortuna knew: angels lived the same way as humans, only higher and out of sight.
Curiosity sated, Avery turned back to the oval window, a bored sigh escaping his lips.
He was the image of excellence, bred and bathed by wealthy purebloods of similar interest. As per the apex of
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The Edge of Night (Chapter One Diary)
The Second Day:
For the first hour after I awoke, I drilled into the beige wall with my eyes, consumed with a seething fury that paired with white-knuckled, clenched fists. I sat perfectly still as I sustained my spiteful brood for another thirty minutes, my hands cold as they sluggishly transitioned into a merciless clawing of the matching carpet with a ferocity that was as foreign to me as the room I had been apportioned.
For the second, my mentality evolved into a mellowed apathy. It was in this dispirited stage that I attempted to mend my suffocated and strangled soul. Wherein, I further attempted to forget about my mother's sickening smile as they initially dragged me away from her. Attempted to ignore the fact that I was now no better than a possession, and worse, belonged to a man I utterly despised.
For the first half of the third, I endeavored to fall back to sleep, but it did not come. For the second half, I examined the furniture to an intimate degree, struggling to come to
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Hunter. by TzilaRaviv Hunter. :icontzilaraviv:TzilaRaviv 12 14 Daze. by TzilaRaviv Daze. :icontzilaraviv:TzilaRaviv 9 13 Wonder. by TzilaRaviv Wonder. :icontzilaraviv:TzilaRaviv 4 1 White Wall. by TzilaRaviv
Mature content
White Wall. :icontzilaraviv:TzilaRaviv 12 7
Combatant. by TzilaRaviv Combatant. :icontzilaraviv:TzilaRaviv 10 9
The Edge of Night (Introduction)
Day Six of my Imprisonment:
Time seems to move so slowly here. And with the days lasting so long, I, regrettably, bear more thoughts than ever. This hurricane of words and images does nothing else but plunge excitedly into the darkest trenches of my mind. There, the details, cascades of situations and currents of emotions ram into each other with their brute-forcing maneuvers and all-too-tiresome feints.
Quite frankly, the whole whirlpool urges me to scream, but I fear that is all the breath I have remaining.
Instead, an alternative.
Suffering cognizance and idyllic musings are not the only accompaniment of the mentality time. Coherent organization eventually acts as nothing less than some glorious savior, pattering above all the surface tension, before finally sauntering down as it pleases.
Perhaps it is time to stop being so afraid of deep water. These things that threaten to drown me, I already know.
I am going to die.
I am not the first.
Van Piroth.
Organization is such a
:icontzilaraviv:TzilaRaviv 3 10
Ralph Patch Notes 2 (46)
(NOTE: Spoilers of READ content alert. As in, if you read this, do it after you're done with the corresponding section: 46.)
Hey, guys! Not a lot to say this time around, considering how (comparatively) little content there is to talk about. This portion (46) actually used to be a touch bigger, only because Ralph 28 used to be Ralph 21. However, I recently decided to break off segments by line breaks, thereby lengthening Ralph 21 into 28 and shortening Ralph 46 (if that makes sense). This decision came about in an effort to organize material according to every line break (not gap, mind you), making it into significantly shorter and digestible parts than were I to send out the entire eighty-three page chapter. Sometimes I wonder if I'll need to continue to break it up, maybe using said gaps as well, but for the time being, this has proved sufficient.
Anywho, I digressed from what I wanted to say: the next section is going to be awesome. Aren't I the suave marketer? You jus
:icontzilaraviv:TzilaRaviv 0 0
ralph. (46) [Part Two]
Cain shook his head slowly, gazing at the scene from above through the newly-broken window. Truly pathetic; he had alleged Ralph was showing more promise than that. Before he could continue racking up his numerous disappointments, however, the door behind him burst open and four frustrated Rebels poured through haphazardly. Cain leisurely scanned over them, confident - despite his vulnerable position - that he was still unseen.
"Dammit! How'd he get away so quickly…?" one of them murmured furiously, a young boy named Kurt, while pounding his black gloved fist against the wall.
"Least we don't have to fight for that shit-head of a commander any longer," another stated gruffly - his name Jeog - kicking the corpse of the hefty, limp figure with a foot.
"Oh yeah, real smart. Hello, that's if we aren't skinned alive when we get back! Last I remember, Yiex[1] likes his missions actually succeeding," a lighter voice declared, openly pessimistic. He must have been new; Cain could n
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ralph. (46) [Part One]
The Day Before:
Ralph pushed past a tall, lanky man all the while slipping his own lean arm into the pocket of a nearby black trench coat. Too deep, he thought, swiftly snatching his hand back with practiced agility. His eyes instinctively scanned the masses, the mid-afternoon crowd, fishing around for otherwise expensive jewelry or other like-trinkets to liberate from the occasional passing noble. He knew he shouldn't have been participating in any excess criminal activity - as his main goal today didn't involve a scuffle with the headstrong, unpredictable Rebels - but for the most part, he couldn't help it; old habits die hard. Consciously, he forced himself to look downwards, keeping his eyes away from anything that might be easily stolen.
The air was dry and sandy from the multitudes of peoples passing in expectation of their next destination. Bartering was the chief exchange for Kosha's economic survival, and the constant overpopulation of the town kept the districts packed with p
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Silent Poet (Introduction)
Silent Poet
For all the prestige that surrounds my school, the International Institute of the Intellectually Gifted (or,  3IG, for an abbreviated, less tongue twisting title), and for all the genius our faculty indisputably  wields, no one has ever been able to suspect that what transpires between my brother and I is far more than simple homework collaborating.
For one, his tongue is currently down my throat.
For two, I'm sure it also has something to do with my so-called "gift", supposedly a "talent" that initially gave us acceptance into this renowned school, that is allegedly going to "help shape the world's society" one day or "aide our community" to bring positive impact to the populace or something big that makes us fall into the category of "special" students that consequently require special schooling.
Oh, right, where was I? Yes, my gift is something that falls under the "socialization" category (of which there are also man
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Cement Grimace. by TzilaRaviv Cement Grimace. :icontzilaraviv:TzilaRaviv 12 9 Preening. by TzilaRaviv Preening. :icontzilaraviv:TzilaRaviv 11 11



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